Happy Nico with his sisters.

I drew ghost!bianca ‘cause i do what i want don’t question my genius

Illustration by Jo In Hyuk


Gotham episode two- Selina Kyle

When you get into a fight, go for the eyes.


ok but this is literally what “boys will be boys” means

[Talking about her age] I thought that it would be a thing when they first heard about me, and then it would stop being a thing, but no, I’ve been in some situations where people have treated me like a fascinating toy. You know, it’s just like an interesting kind of fun thing to have a play with. It’s very weird for me. I feel like a tiny baby. But it’s all relative: when you’re my age in particular, every year feels like a massive change. The difference between 15 and 17 is colossal for everyone.


Detail at Christian Lacroix | Haute Couture, Spring 2006.

“VON”. “In Icelandic, von means ‘hope’.”

Iceland, just the hint of the aurora looking out to the mountains beyond Thingvellir. A perfect night.



The real problem with people fussing over Pluto all the time is it represents the priorities of the public - preserving traditions rather than accepting facts. The pursuit of science is about building a sustainable catalog of truths, and there is no advantage in altering truths to appease nostalgia. 


Lord of the rings + space

The name's Mayah
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